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I tried using BBL code for images like [img], but it just shows the text not the image.

BBL code will not work in this editor such as [img] tags for posting images. Solution, you can simply just select whatever it is you're trying to copy on a website use the hot keys like you would to copy text and past it into the text editor and PRESTO! It�s there and with options to resize the image if you wanted to.

I want to post an image from Photobucket or Image Shack. What's the fastest way to do it?

Copy the direct link like you normally would and then press the insert picture icon in the tool bar near the smilies (looks like this ) a window will pop up and allow you to past in the url of the image you wanted to post.

All my images are on Photobucket and I really want to past dozens of them on the forums with ease, how can I do that?

At the bottom of any album in your photobucket account you'll see a button to "Generate HTML and IMG code" this will actually help you with any text editor since it gives you all the code for either format BBL or HTML. So what you do is select all the images you want to generate the code for then at the bottom click on "Generate HTML and IMG code" and there will be a couple of options, select the one that says for eBay, Livejournal, Myspace, etc. So for this editor you'll want to click on the Source button in the top left portion of the text editor. This gives you the pure HTML code of what everything means, past your pictures in and click the source button to go back to normal and you'll see everything nicely laid out for you.

I have a lot of images in my gallery, but I don't want to spend the time inserting every image, what's a faster way to do it?

We've added this feature all on our own, took a while, but hopefully for some it will be a really nice edition. Some people spend a lot of time copy and pasting links after link after link of images of an event. If you have your images hosted here you can simply choose to include an album when you create a topic. This allows the gallery to be automatically placed into the forum itself, so now you don't have to do anything about making thumbnails or worrying about how long the post is or any such deal. The gallery is automatically generated with thumbnails and paging.

I tried using the [url] tag to post a link, but it doesn't work.

There's a little chain link icon that looks like so , it's next to the paragraph alignments. A popup window will appear with options.