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What is Bosozoku?

Bosozoku in the most general sense is a kind of stereo typical Japanese biker/car gang persona.

Bosozoku is nothing new in Japan, It started out in the 50's when the Japanese auto industry was greatly expanding. Their general style of modifying bikes is something of a mix of British Cafe Racer and American Chopper.

So somehow this

American Cafe Racer's Supermanx!

Plus this

Equals this

Don't ask me how that works out, but why am I talking about this? I mean this is a car site right? Ok, well not sure if you have seen these particular vehicles on the net, but I'm sure you've seen something like it in a topic on a forum or a search in google when looking for the "weirdest car" out there. I'm talking about these.

Well, these once Japanese only mod is now coming to our shores. The pink Scion xB is on the west cost here in California. As you can see the Bosozoku or simply Boso style is characterized by outlandish tail pipes, oil coolers out in front of the bumper, crazy bright colors, and extremely large and complex aero kits. So beware a Boso car could be lurking in your neighborhood!