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The Toyota Subaru Coupe

The new Toyota Subaru coupe, will it live up to what it's supposed to represent?

For those who haven't been informed the situation is that GM sold its ownership portion of Fiji Heavy, Subaru, to Toyota and now Toyota has put forth a project to reinvent the enthusiast's sports car. This sports car is supposed to fill in the tuner gap that Toyota has left us with.

Many think it's going to be a modern incarnation of what the AE86 would be today if it stuck to being RWD. It is true that people over at Toyota asked Moto Miwa (Owner of Club4AG) to ask its members why they love their little old Corollas. I'm not sure how much impact this will have on the project since Toyota I'm sure has already planned out the mechanics of this new coupe, which seem to be a Subaru flat four mated to a 6speed and a chassis based off of the legacy, there are rumors from fast lane that the new coupe could come in around 2600lbs. However, 2600lbs sounds like a bit of wishful thinking because of gauge steel the chassis use.

So my question is can Toyota do it? The Celica, Supra, MR-S, etc were all fantastic machines, but all have suffered the lukewarm sales towards the end of their production lives. I like many others are excited at the idea of a Subaru RWD coupe. It's been about a decade since we've had a Subaru coupe, however from my understanding in America it will only be marketed as a Subaru.

Then again in America at least it�ll be up to Subaru to make it a success.

It�s a sad day for Toyota tuners to see that the next idea to come out of Toyota for the tuners is a Subaru and with recent rumors the car may not see the light of show rooms and dealer lots until 2012....