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Real look at the Toybaru's exterior FT-86

Most already know that the new "Toyota" is basically a shortened 2+2 Legacy with an Impreza motor and a RWD setup. Nothing much about the car is Toyota, but finally we see what could be the near final look of the body. At first glance you may just ask "isn't this the FT-HS" and pretty much it is, except a lot less outlandish and more probable body styling.

Some images from



Some nice info from the ozzie site is that the measurements are 164.7" long, 69.3" wide and 49.6" tall, riding on a 101.2" wheelbase. And some hopes what have been speculated that the head design will be from Toyota (or more than likely Yamaha) which will help to give some more identity to this so called "Toyota."

Small interesting detail noted in a preview video in the video game Gran Turismo is that as seen on the engine's intake manifold is a designation C-45 BOXER, not sure if that will be anything significant, but is a bit interesting to see.

Further speculation is that Toyota will aim for late 2011 for this car to come out, but I won't hold my breath. But the end of 2011 is quite a ways away considering this car is nearly complete since and two more years of development. But that's Toyota for you, hopefully they keep up the quality control like they've had always done.