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More SUVs

When oil prices began to shoot up some thought that SUVs would be seen less, but that's not the case apparently. New and luxurious SUVs continue to be added to the market.

Back in 2002 Porsche broke the mold and angered many die hard Porsche fans by producing the Porsche Cayanne (based off of the VW Toureg) and continues to make a profit off of its SUV. This was possibly following suit with Mercedes's ML , Lexus's RX/LX, Cadillac's Escalde and BMW's X5 which all were built around 1998. No one batted an eye at the others making SUVs, it only seemed natural. But when Porsche did it, it was as if someone killed Santa on Christmas eve.

Now that everyone is over it, other high end marques are building their own SUVs. And since then Audi built the Q7, BMW built a smaller X3 while Mercedes built a larger GL class.
And it looks like more SUVs are on the horizon. The once axed Austin Martin Lagonda is now back on track.

Will it see the bright lights of a dealer show room? Who knows, but there is a good chance there will be some produced.

Who else? Everyone keeps toying with the idea that Lamborghini will serve up a SUV of its own. Surprising to many, it wouldn't be the first time that Lamborghini built a SUV, I mean after all Lamborghini was/is a tractor company as well as an exotic car manufacturer. But the SUV I'm talking about is the LM002, the SUV designed to compete against the Hummer H1 for a military contract. As we all can guess they didn't get it, but that doesn't mean the SUV was bad or a failure. Lamborghini if they wanted to could really build a mean SUV.

Maserati has shown their interest in building a SUV by showing off their Kubang concept back in 2003. And with Maserati being saved by Ferrari there is a chance that we could see one in the future.

And don't believe the ramblings about the Ferrari F151, it's mostly just photoshop metnal masterbation. Hopefully a Ferrari SUV won't be seen for quite some time.