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Aerodynamic Tips and Tricks

Every modification a person makes to their car is something of personal preference. Sometime it's because they want their car to look more like another more expensive car or make it faster, more unique or just because they can. So when it comes to aerodynamics it's no exception. Here are some great tips from

Aero Tricks You Can Use

For a Given Aerodynamic Package, It Takes Eight Times the Horsepower toDouble Your Speed. It's Easier to Be Swoopier and Go Faster With theSame Power. We'll Show You How.
By Marlan Davis
Photography by Marlan Davis, The Primedia Archives, Manufacturers

Ever stick your hand out the window at highway speed? Do it palm-first,and the air pushes your whole arm backward. Hold your hand out palm downand you can control arm movement, even against the air pressure. Tiltyour hand upward, and air pressure forces your arm higher. Go theopposite way and tilt downward, and your hand gets pushed downward.You've just experienced the aerodynamic properties of drag, lift, anddownforce. Air flowing over, under, and around a car acts the same way.