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The new 2011 Lexus CT200h Hatchback


Ok, so it's still a Hybrid. These Hybrids keep moving further and further into being just a Gas-Electric car. It seems some of the new trend is to focus on making them more drivable and showing off their impressive city MPG. Like the CR-Z, has some what of a pathetic freeway MPG (compared to other Hybrids) but its city MPG figure is what it touts. Here is no different. The new hatchback looks something like the rear of Mazda3 5-door graphed onto an IS350, which honestly looks much better than the HS250h (and has a better combined MPG). This car actually looks to be a good competitor to the A3 TDI, I think the Audi is more sporty, but I think Lexus understands its position in the Luxury car market, comfort. In the US Lexus gets such a bad reputation for being boring, soft, quite, and calculated compared to different cars as to make something out of it. For instance, every American car magazine would compare the IS-F to the M3 coupe. You may say, what's wrong with that? One the IS-F is a sedan, two its target audience is not those who buy M3s. If you read some German car magazines you'll find something interesting, they like it! Wait what? That's right they like it, but not because they think it's better than a M3, which they don't, they understand where it stands. They look at the IS-F as the proper competitor to the Audi S4 (This was before they started making the S4 weak) since they found that the IS-F is much more comfortable than a M3 and is more suitable to be compared to an Audi. I don't know if that's some German back handed comment like saying it's compared to a Buick, but I don't think so.

SO! Where am I going on this rant? Right the CT200h, I think if people in the US don't bash on it because it's just a Lexus and see it for what it is, they'll like it a great deal. Right now it's one of the most care free compact luxury vehicles on the market. What I mean is a person with money may not really care about MPG in terms of saving money, BUT, and this is a big BUT, they may like the fact that may not have to fill up the tank as much. If it's true that normal driving conditions you can get is around 39~40 MPG in combined conditions (rated at an EPA 42 MPG) then if say the CT200h has the same size fuel tank as the HS250h that means you won't have to fill up for almost 600 miles of REAL driving. That's usually double or more than what a normal person gets, that means half as many trips to the gas station to get out of your car and fill up. And who doesn't like that? Or for those really long trips you can be a bit more care free and not worry about finding a gas station, especially since your Lexus will probably be more comfortable wherever you're stopping.
So bravo Toyota... erm... I mean Lexus, for making a Hybrid that looks a bit less like a nerd-mobile and one with some impressive city driving that can give a TDI a run for its money, especially in Europe.