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JER's Turbo 4WD Mini, Part 1

JER is building one of the most interesting Minis yet. For those who don't know JER (Japanese Engine Racing Development) is a tuning and custom auto shop that strives for perfection. So when Linh (the owner) set his mind on customizing an Austin Mini Van it was no exception.

So I thought I'd share this project in progress since it would be a shame to miss out on the attention to detail that goes into building this custom ride.

Before Linh starts working on the body he strips all the paint down to the bare metal to inspect any areas that need repairing which also is needed to give it a proper paint job since he spares no expense there either.


Now like the title says, this Mini is going to be Turbo and 4WD. That's something you usually only hear about for Subarus or Evos, but here we are talking about a Mini. But what drive train do you put into a British car, let alone a Mini Van!? Japanese of course! This thing has a K24A that is getting one huge snail and attached to it is an 4WD system off of the Honda Element.


But then, wait? The Mini was never available in anything other than FWD, so how's it all hooked up? Custom tubed suspension was made to hold the engine and rear drive train parts. So this Mini also gets front and rear double wish bone setup with all heim joints.


As one can see this is just the beginning for this Mini, Linh is currently testing out different computerized air ride systems for this turbo go kart. Stay tuned for next time when part 2 comes along.