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2010 Camaro V6

Everyone knows the new 2010 Camaro SS will be a mean monster. According to Edmunds the SS model�s 6.2L V8 will be pumping out 422hp/408tq, that�s almost as much power you get in a Corvette. But that�s not what I�m getting excited about. GM for the first time is making an affordable V6 powered coupe that isn�t a shame to own. I�m sure all have already heard that the base V6 Camaro will be equipped with a 3.6L Direct Injection V6 making a tad over 300hp and 270tq, that�s straight on par with Toyota�s 3.5L 2GR-FSE which also a Direct Injection V6. Although to obtaine Toyota�s 300hp V6 you�ll have to drop $35K on up for an IS350.

I don�t think people will be looking at both a G37 and a base model Camaro, but just for comparison sakes it�s interesting to see that the G37 is more powerful and light, but not by much. The G37 has 30hp on the Camaro while the Camaro has a mere 3tq above the G37; the G37 is also lighter by about 147lbs. Of course you get much more luxury quality as well has a very rev happy engine probably better ride/handling quality. However as we can see with the IRS that the Camaro shares with the G8 it�s no slouch and for $12K less I think many buyers would be happy.

The new Camaro may not have the class of a Cadillac, but the 3.6L engine it has is shared with Cadillac, which is a good thing for many who been asking what are the modding potentials of this direct injection engine? Luckily there have been dyno graphs posted of a slightly modded CTS with just exhaust added and then with both exhaust and intake modifications. D3 Research and Design have done the dyno testing and shown how much power can be obtained from swapping out the intake and exhaust. Here are their results.

This is from adding the Corsa exhaust. This increased power to 281hp and 255tq.

And the result of adding a simple intake kit that further raised the power to 294hp and 261tq

If we say there is a 10~15% drive train loss between the motor and the wheel that means with these two bolt on mods it would raise the power at the crank to 338~350hp, which is pretty impressive for a 3.6L V6. To put some things in perspective the last Camaro Z28 with the legendary LS1 was producing 310hp from the factory and the current V6 Mustang which is the Camaro's direct competitor makes a measly 210hp as well as the V8 Mustang makes 300hp/320tq. Although the Mustang is considerably lighter than the Camaro this is a very interesting go about this time around. In the past the Camaro was always the more powerful and heavier of the two, but this is seriously the first time that the V6 model will blow out the Mustang V6 and at a very similar price range.

Good luck to GM as we all know they've been hyping up this car for quite some time and they need this to be a win.